Electrolyseur Au Sel Idoit (Regul Electronique) Fabriqué En France


IDOit (with cell to select)

With salt electrolysis, you opt for an efficient and ecological treatment.
Salt electrolysis is a natural and ecological principle. No more buying, storing or handling harsh products.
From a very low quantity of salt in the pool water, the performance of IDOit makes it possible to effectively treat the water in your pool to
eliminate bacteria, algae, chloramines... Once the pool has been treated, the salt recombines for a new cycle.
But above all, I preserve my skin, my eyes no longer sting, the water is healthy and clear. I rediscover the pleasure of swimming.

Cell to be chosen (provide a margin of 20% depending on the number of visitors and the climatic region of the pool)

It incorporates the PH kit to control and inject your PH solution and the TDS kit which measures the salt level in your pool in real time.

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Three processing capabilities:
to 50 m3 with a CR10 cell, 70 m3 with a CR16 cell and 100 m3 with a CR20 cell (provide a margin of 20% depending on use and the climatic region of the pool).

  • Treatment capacity 0 to 100 m3
  • Chlorine production 10.7-24 g/h
  • Transparent cell Yes
  • Traffic detector Yes
  • Integrated pH injection no
  • Fuse Protection Yes
  • Roller shutter function Yes
  • Test function Yes
  • pH function In pH version
  • Injection pH- In pH version
  • pH+ injection In pH version
  • Cell length 280-330 mm
  • Supply voltage 240 V~
  • Power 50 to 100 W (depending on model)
  • Salt level Minimum: 2.5 g/l - Ideal: 4 g/l
  • Maximum flow 30 m3/h
  • Temperature measurement Yes
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Cell life Minimum 5,000 hours
  • Production adjustment 0 to 100% in steps of 1
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 197 x 265 100 mm
  • Salt level measurement No
  • pH measurement No

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